101 - 200 Employee Group Options
Being responsible for your organization and the employee that work there is challenging at best. You don't have to do this alone, that is our mission, to help you get the best value for dollar spent. We have many competitive and creative healthcare solutions for your organization:

ACA Major Medical Plans (We represent all Major Medical Carriers)

ACA Major Medical Plans that could rebate part of your premium at the end of the year.

If you’re happy with your current carrier or broker we can introduce cost savings for your organization:

Claims Reduction Program for Level and Self-Funded Plans
          • We have specific low cost strategies that can help you lower claims on your self-funded plan
              > Plan A is actually FREE
              > Plan B costs as little as 11 cents an hour for 40 hr employee

$0 Out of Pocket Program for Owners and Key Executives - All IRS Medical Expenses are Covered
          • Gap Solution: With this plan's flexibility, it is possible to implement a more cost-effective base plan while maintaining high-value health coverage for top talent. Since this program is a fully insured and ACA excepted supplemental plan, it can be offered on a selective basis. Plus, the plan is backed by high quality A+ rated carriers.
          • Financially Compelling Benefit: As a fully insured supplemental and limited benefit insurance policy plan, this program’s premiums may be tax deductible to the corporation and the benefits received may be non-taxable to the enrolled participant. That means financial leverage for your company and expanded compensation value for your key people.
          • Total Rewards Enhancement: Attracting and retaining top talent is becoming more and more difficult. Many businesses fuel their Total Rewards package with this plan because it is a cost effective way to reward employees with a proven high value benefit that helps optimize their productivity.

Supplemental Accident Medical Expense/Critical Illness Plans (Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke...)
Dental / Vision Plans from major carriers
Zero Deductible Teledoc Doctor plans
Supplemental Discount Plans (Dental, Vision, Hearing Aide, Rx, Nurse Online and Vitamins Plan)

Free Rx Discount Program

We have resources here for your growth

Over the course of the years we have developed strategic relationships with many professional organizations that provide service that we do not offer. However, through a special arrangement we can recommend top affordable quality service organizations. With that in mind below is a list of what they do:
Payroll and Tax Filing (Online, Hands Off & Pay Roll reporting)
Hiring and HR Management (HR Advisory, ERISA, Nondiscrimination Testing, Labor Law Posters & Pre-Employment Screening)
Time & Attendance Solutions plus Mobile Employee Scheduling
Benefits Administration
COBRA Administration
Retirement Services
Workers Compensation
Reimbursement Accounts
Administrative Services Organization (ASO)
Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
Human Capital Management

If you need any or all of these services to strengthen your organization please let us know in the Message box below and also on the Client Census Form.
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